Workstation lines


With its new offer of integrated workstation solutions, Legrand provides users with functionality, ergonomics, comfort and speed of installation.

Pop-up boxes, power & data desk grommets, desk modules all integrate harmoniously into any type of workstation for individual or open-plan offices ... Immediately operational for users.

Workstation solutions catalog (PDF)

Ceiling columns Video

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DLP LED System - A real light path with, an attractive appearance



Desktop multi-outlet extensions, columns, floor boxes ... specially designed to get power delivered just where users need it

Safe and easy to use, Mosaic installation elements open up convenient, flexible equipment options. Mosaic range of workstation systems has been developed to integrate all electrical standards, thus offering unbeatable adaptability. They all enable a seamless fit with wiring device ranges such as Mosaic or Arteor to offer innovative new functionalities.

Solutions in over 70 countries

Mosaic 1 Mosaic 2 Mosaic 3 Legrand, Bticino, Wiremold, Van Geel or Electrak. Power wiring and data network products and ranges suitable for commercial buildings and available in all world standards.

A full system

1-2 Mosaic
3-4 Mosaic
1. Columns and multi-columns
A flexible solution that can be set up anywhere. Easily scalable and maintainable due to integrated power strips, enabling easy reconfiguration of office space.
3. Power strip
Easy maintenance and fast connection. A flexible, economic solution prepared for installation when the site is complete, thereby avoiding theft and damage.
2. Meeting room strip
An ergonomically-designed solution that is perfectly adapted to meeting room requirements. Users can connect directly using RJ45 sockets or a wireless connection.
4. Floor box
Enables power and data distribution to workstations and can be installed in raised flooring or a concrete screed.