Classia finishes

Classia Series is a unique, comprehensive modular range with features in Italian and German standards.

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Classia has a universal character

Modern and clean form, defined by clear contours in contrast to a delicately rounded surface.

The decorative frame adds a unique touch to your key.

16 decorative frames in perfect harmony with 2 different colors on the front panel:

  • white gloss
  • black satin mat

The richness of the series is complemented by various effects such as metal edges: gold, chrome, nickel plated.

Unique and complete modular range:

  • features in Italian
  • features in German standard

Possibility for different combinations.









Classia, easy installation

Innovative support frame, adjustable to ensure tight fitting to the wall. Easy assembly and disassembly of the mechanism. Mounting the support frame with a screw.

Installation of a wall of cardboard.

Installation of a wall cardboard
When installing on cardboard, the support frame insert is removed to ensure perfect alignment of the decorative frame and wall mounted mechanisms.

Metal part
Provides additional strength to the support frame. Metal holes for better fixing of the screws.

Mount of a support frame with a brackets

Make sure your consoles are suitable for mounting a support frame with brackets if there is no possibility of using a support frame with a screw.











Multi-m0dule installation

Innovative multi-module installation system

If necessary, you can remove the brackets and secure the support frame with screws.

Perfect alignment thanks to a self-aligning system for fixing the support frames to each other. Highly resistant material.