VANTAGE smart buildings

Home & business automation and lighting control solutions with a concentration on stylish graphic interfaces.

Vantage systems give homeowners unprecedented control over every facet of their lives at home. Touch screens, keypads and remote access enable to activate, monitor the home systems from anywhere. Fortunately, Vantage helps you create an environment where lighting, climate controls and music work together in perfect harmony. The result is a home that knows your preferences and conforms to your moods.

With 30 years of control and automation experience, Vantage Controls, a leader in luxury control systems, provides owners with automation systems that give them the ability to personalize their environment effortlessly. Sleek, on-wall touchscreens and an accompanying mobile app offer a consistent user experience across platforms that makes controlling lighting, audio, video, alarms, surveillance, and HVAC systems as easy as pressing a button or swiping to a widget. Vantage provides a simplified end user experience by controlling the complexities of luxury living and working spaces. Vantage has defined innovation since its inception in 1987 by brothers Ron and Ralph Wilson, becoming one of the first companies to market a microprocessor-based lighting control solution.  The company’s initial system, Vision was replaced in 1997 by the superior Q system, which added distributed audio and more sophisticated lighting control capabilities.

In 2005, Vantage launched its most powerful control system to date – InFusion. InFusion supports the full integration of all home system categories – A/V, lighting, temperature, cameras, and entertainment – while continuing to provide the reliability of its previous offerings. Vantage systems are marketed globally through a network of trained integrators who rely on InFusion and Vantage’s unique Design Center software to create the ultimate homeowner experience.

Vantage was acquired by Legrand in 2006 to complement Legrand’s portfolio of leading electrical installation and information system brands. Now, Vantage is embracing many of the challenges presented by the rapid evolution in technology.

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If you want to wake up in the morning to open drapes or lights turned on, want your TV to automatically turn on or off at any given time, or even want your bathroom to preheat - all without messing with various devices - you should think about installing a home automation system. You can even control most of the features from the access of your phone for extra security while you're away.

Vantage home automation system will integrate technology from all your brands seamlessly, so you don't have to purchase any new equipment to accompany your new home automation installation.

Home Automation Controls:

  • Adjust the temperature
  • Set or dim the lights
  • Control audio and video sources
  • Lower or raise the shades or drapes
  • Adjust projector screens
  • Play music
  • Lock doors
  • Customize morning and night presets


equinox EQUINOX 73 Touch screen

Powered by vantage's infusion media software, The Equinox 73 provides a unique widget environment on the 7” LCD screen to easily control your home, with consistent interfaces on your smartphone or tablet.

The Equinox 7-UX LCD Interface is a dedicated system portal / dashboard to whole home systems. Providing rich media feedback, control and interaction through a multi-widget interface. Users are able to quickly navigate through control of lighting, audio, home climate, weather, security, cameras, and energy scenarios in a three widget, single layer navigation. This LCD Interface is compatible with global electrical and installation standards.



The Equinox 41 provides a unique widget environment on the 4” LCD screen to easily control your home, with consistent interfaces on your smartphone or tablet.

 KeyPad stations

Standard keypad station

Keypad stations are the primary control points on a wired vantage system. A single, stylish keypad can replace entire rows of standard light switches. A large variety of faceplates, button styles and colors are available to enhance any decor. Faceplates come in both metal and plastic designs.

 Vantage theatre

Home theatre

If you're looking to transform a room or area in your home to a home theater, you've come to the right place. Home Theater Technologies can renovate any room to create your home theater design vision. Whether that means building a home theater into a new construction plan or updating an existing room in your home, we have the tools and knowledge to turn your vision into reality.