Living Light line finishes

One single name, countless solutions ... enter the world of Living Light, to find everything for your dreamed home. Unlimited functionality of the series gives you freedom of ideas. Exclusive design collected in square or oval shapes, a variety of modern colors and materials unexpectedly thin and airy frames, to meet all tastes: from minimalist to sophisticated, from traditional to bold. Technological evolution, allowing mechanisms with rich functionality and the ability to customize and control all functions in your home.
Living Light line

Design and technology come together in the perfect shape of AIR, an absolute Livinglight innovation. With a thickness of less than 5 mm and an elegant and exclusive selection of finishes and materials, Living light air is the top of Livinglight.


Livinglight catalog 2018 (PDF)

New Air at Home (PDF)



flexibility My life is flexibility

Thanks to the radio transmission and the battery powering of controls, the devices easily integrate with the infrastructure of the traditional electric system, without the need for any additional wiring.

environment My life is environment

Using the touch screens it is possible to display both the consumptions inside the own home - electricity, water, and gas - and the energy and hot water production of photovoltaic or solar panel systems.

serenity My life is serenity

If connected to a MY HOME system, the video handset also becomes an advanced control unit. Its use is simple and intuitive, thanks to the icon based OSD management menu. Possibility of home video monitoring functions (for preset systems only).