Celiane finishes

Céliane is the association of two perfect shapes: the rectangle and the circle in an uncompromising, highly graphic and fully functional design. Céliane adds the emotion of the senses - sight and touch - through an innovative range of materials and colours and an extended offer of functions providing comfort, communication and security. All you need for greater well being.


Celiane catalog BG (PDF)



Celiane materials Céliane: a regal alliance of shape and function. Expressive and innovative materials and colors.


touchscreen Celiane

10" touch screen: Installation control panel

Use the 10" touch screen as a control panel to manage a full range of functions: enjoy video surveillance via the screen connected to interior and exterior cameras, control door operations remotely by video, play multimedia content (films, music, etc.), manage lighting scenarios, etc.

Celiane functions

Over 100 functions for your greatest comfort

Ergonomic and innovative functions that bring comfort, aesthetic pleasure and quality of life to all your living rooms.