bTicino automation

A warm, comfortable, economical, communicating home... today the new Legrand home automation systems offer you this wellbeing. Your installation should match your requirements, enhancing your comfort and leisure while ensuring your safety, simply and discreetly. Let the rhythm of your home echo your own.
Biticino catalog (PDF) New Air at Home catalog
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BTichino lights  Enhance comfort: light, roller shutters, temperature, centralized scenarios …. at your control

Create lighting scenarios, control access, manage the whole installation from a single point or from a tablet touch screen: our different home automation systems allow us to customize our solutions precisely according to the customer's wishes.

Multimedia bTichino

Multimedia: exchange information and communicate

Share your own media content and broadband internet access at high speed anywhere in the home.

Safety bTichino Safety for greater peace of mind

Deter intruders, detect gas or water leaks, protect sensitive hardware, avoid the negative impact of power cuts (e.g. freezer or alarm system turned off, pool pump disabled).


2 Technologies bringing all your needs

User requirements in terms of home automation are continually rising. To meet these expectations, bTichino has developed a dual response: a plug & play solution with radio-frequency technology based on the zigbee protocol and a bus/SCS offer providing the fully-integrated solution package. These two technologies can cross-communicate via a shared platform. The bus solution interfaces with systems such as Dali and KNX.

The open-ended protocol ensures interoperability with other home automation systems. Available through ranges such as Arteor and Céliane by Legrand and Axolute and Living & light by bTicino, the offer is sufficiently broad to cover the full spectrum of needs. Whether you need to automate a single function or build full-scale systems integrating every available application, there is a solution for you.