ELIOT, a driver of innovation

ELIOT forms part of Legrand's strategy of continuous innovation.  Its aim is to develop new connected solutions and to provide digital and electrical infrastructures that enable these solutions to communicate in residential, tertiary and industrial buildings. As the Internet of Things is an indisputable reality, Legrand intends to speed up the development of its range of connected products. Launched in 2015, the Eliot program aims to inject the power of communication into Legrand’s products and services, wherever the Internet of Things can improve the user experience. Eliot also supports the development of suitable digital infrastructures for buildings and is doing everything it can to promote interoperability. The aim is to deliver additional benefits for all private and professional users, whether they are end users or installers.


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Video entry door Classе 300X, Видео

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ELIOT_smart home_300X_entry door Video entry door  CLASSE 300X13E

CLASSE 300X13E is the new connected video internal unit which combines modernity and innovation thanks to the communication between smartphone and video internal unit. The integrated Wi-fi connectivity allows the connection with your smartphone and, thanks to the dedicated App, you can manage the video door entry calls in an innovative and functional way. The possibility of managing the different functions using a smartphone is added to the installation simplicity offered by the CLASSE 300X13E. Both inside and outside the home you will be able to manage calls, open the gate, activate the camera or operate the timed garden lights...
Everything with a simple touch. ONE-FAMILY 4-wires color video hands-free and handset kits, wall mounted with internal power supply, expandable up to 4 additional internal units and up to 1 additional entrance panel or a CCTV camera, offering the basic door entry system functions: call, intercom, door lock activation, image cycling. Composed of a handsfree or handset internal unit, with a 7” color display and 12 ringtones, signaling LED and MUTE function; and a discrete Zamak entrance panel with rain-shield, microphone and speaker volume adjustments, color camera and LED for enhancing lighting in the visual field.



By Smarther, the new connected thermostat, just a simple touch on the device to activate the heating or cooling and modify the temperature. By means of the APP and the smartphone you can instead create your programs simply and have a smarter level of home climate management, even when you are away from home.


Eliot_entry door_smart home Video doorbell

Always keep an eye on your house thanks to the new Eliot Connected Doorbell. Equipped with a camera, the doorbell allows you to receive a picture of the person at the door directly on your smartphone thanks to the mobile application. Photographs of visitors can be sent by push notifications and/or e-mail on several mobile devices. For music lovers, there is a wide range of standard tones available and you can even download your own tone.  Legrand’s ELIOT Connected Doorbell has also been designed for smooth and simple installation with no Ethernet configuration required. The team at Legrand has also made sure there’s no building involved - the doorbell can simply be fixed to a wall or door using screws, or adhesive to avoid perforation (both screws and double-sided tape are included). The only things needed for set up are: a Wi-Fi connection, a smart device and a great electrician like yourself to install the device.